They took part in a Time Travel to the Iron age with grade three students, visited schools, the reconstructed fort Eketorp, had seminars, meetings and discussions. The Lithuanians visit was part of a Creative Learning EU project. ‘

”The Time Travel into the Iron Age gave the children the opportunity to pick up practical skills like how to cook food or how to make handicrafts and to reinforce knowledge about the burial culture, milieu, clothing, cookery methods, iron tooling and  war techniques. The assignments were very interesting and  they forced the pupils to think through things and to make decisions.

The students were well prepared, disciplined, polite and showed a real interest in different activities. As a teacher I think that  such kind of learning method has an important impact on the socialisation of the pupils and it reinforces knowledge about the historical period for a long time. The pupils can use their acquired skill in the daily life.”

Maie Toomsalu
University of Tartu

“Learning about Time Travel methods, being part of a real Time Travel with fantastic children gave us inpiration to try something similar in Estonia. We were amazed how dedicated Ebbe and his colleagues were. So now we plan to organize a Time Travel in Tallinn, but also give information about this methodes to other museum educators at Tallinn City Museum and wider. Thank you again for a great learning experience!”

Sireli Uusamaa and Kristi Paatsi
Tallinn City Museum