The day started with a ceremonial gathering of pioneers in the school hall where the students listened to the stories of war veterans, rousing songs and poems about life in Soviet 1980 before going to their classes.


  • Increase interest towards history and bring more joy in learning through activities
  • Raise empathy and understanding of historical environment by participating
  • Experience life in a totalitarian society, get acquinted to different ideologies and understand the advantages of democracy
  • Appreciate independent statehood
  • Contribute to integration between different subjects and promote cooperation between teachers
  • Make students experience the world as a whole and how different subjects are connected in real life

Some examples of the feedback given by the students:

– Our own (independent) state is the best!
– During the Soviet period everyone had to be the same.
– The gas masks were cool!
– The ”history teacher” was so convincing that we almost started to believe that Lenin was the creator of everything

At this point we would like to thank the people from Tallinn City Museum for their help! We got a lot of inspiration, information, props and physical help from them. We would also like to thank all our colleagues who participated in this event with such enthusiasm!

History teacher Pille Rohtla
Art teacher Tiia Pällo
Audentes Private School