What is the role of cultural heritage in constructing futures? How can a UNESCO Chair provide tools for creative futures thinking and future-making? And how does archaeolog relate to that? This interview develops the concept of heritage futures and calls the attention of the “heritage sector” to broad interdisciplinarity and open-minded collaborations with partners outside of academia and industry, among others. Here, Dr. Cornelius Holtorf, archaeologist, Professor of Archaeology, Director of the Graduate School in Contract Archaeology (GRASCA) and UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures at Linnaeus University talks about his ongoing projects/ideas and comments on the impact of tourism and covid-19 on cultural heritage, heritage futures and future literacy.


Full reference:

HOLTORF, Cornelius; MUNIZ, Tiago Silva Alves. Cultural heritage building up future thinking. Cadernos do Lepaarq, v.
XVII, n.34, p. 337-344, Jul-Dec. 2020.