The Bridging Ages Conference 2007

The song festival was part of the Bridging Ages conference in Tukums, Latvia – a Time Travel back to a sunny day in 1928, when hundreds of song festival participants came to Tukums. In october 2007 more than hundred people came to the Durbe Manor House in Tukums to make a Time Travel to a year when democracy was young in Latvia and there was much talk about traditional or modern values. The motto was: to think together and to sing together. Before the singing there were a lot of preparations: make the banners, find a modern hairstyle, prepare the meal and of course rehearse the songs. A procession led to the site of the concert, where the big choir sang some beautiful Latvian songs. The host of the song festival was the poet Janis Rainis played by anis Garjans, head of the State Authority of Museums in Latvia.