Bridging Ages conference 2023, from Yukon – A international conference online


Bridging Ages North America in coordination with Friends of the Klondike Corridor and Living Interpretation for Tomorrow would like to invite you to the 2023 Bridging Ages International conference. This years conference will be hosted from Yukon but you can participate anywhere!

It has been decided that this years conference will be in a digital format.

We encurage you to create local “conference hubs” in your part of the world. By joining together in your organisation, region, or county simultaneously in September this year we create “conference hubs”, with the team in Yukon leading the digital Conference. This way local guests, connected to Time Travel, could gather locally, and take part in the Conference. Those who are not able to join physically at one of the local conference hubs, can join digitally in front of their own computers. We hope that this will be an inclusive and democratic way to give many of you the possibility to participate in the international conference.

You are also invited to Yukon for a physical conference in 2024!

In the next newsletter we are going to have a Call for Papers and give more information about the Conference 2023.

Welcome to join us in September!