Operational Guideline and Core Values

Operational Guideline: Regulations, Governance and Operations


Bridging Ages embraces the African Philosophy of Ubuntu which translates to a value system based on sharing and collective work. “I Am Because We Are.”


Core values

Bridging Ages (BA) embraces the following core values:

  • Transparency: As an independent organisation we have the freedom and power to act, engage and communicate without external constraints in a transparent manner.
  • Integrity and Ethics: We strive to exercise sound, solid and well-grounded morals. We maintain our honesty and remain dedicated to the Organisation.
  • Reliability: to achieve high reliability based on a support system, to remain consistent and responsive and do so in a timely manner.
  • Diversity: We embrace diversity in our work with different countries, as we embrace diverse cultures and work to overcome language barriers. Moreover, we always treat one another as equals through respect and dignity.
  • Commitment: We have a willingness to commit to ourselves and the Mission of BA.
  • Passion: Our involvement in BA is based on an internal unique desire to make a difference, to share and learn from each other.

We operate in terms of the core values of transparency, integrity, ethics, reliability, embracing and respecting all cultures, treating people with dignity and respect. We uphold all Human Rights values. We are passionate about the work of Bridging Ages and are committed to our ongoing mission.


Operational Framework

Bridging Ages operates in terms of:

  • Constitution: The constitution of BA was adopted at a virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 24th November 2020. It governs the operation of our organisation.
  • Regulations: Specific regulations are made and maintained by the Board. Regulations can be amended at a Board meeting. (We will maintain a file on all Regulations adopted and we will update this soon after such a Regulation has been adopted at a Board meeting.)
  • Partnerships: Partnership refers to mutual commitments and reciprocal relationships to advance and implement the vision of Bridging Ages. Each partner contributes to the partnership whether it is time, money, expertise or resources. Formal partnerships shall have a written agreement signed by both parties. Bridging Ages can engage with organisations who have similar objectives and aims.
  • Agreement: A negotiated arrangement between parties which outlines a course of action and that action’s implementation. BA will make written agreements with all organisational members.


Organisational Pillars for Continued Sustainability

The three main pillars of Bridging Ages are:

  • Mentorship, methodology support and program expansion
  • Operational support
  • Funding