Call for Papers and Presentations

Bridging Ages, an international organization in Historical Environment Education and Time Travels, seeks proposals for papers, panels, and workshops that investigate the use of local history to benefit society today. Topics for this conference include but are not limited to: historic environment education (the use of local history in and outside of classrooms); immigration (both past and present); memory studies (how nearby history and local places influence how we remember); museums (the utilization of local heritage for exhibits and programs, especially through living history and Time Travels); and place history (how nearby landscapes impact our understanding of history and society). The goals of this conference include creating interdisciplinary and multi-national exchanges and using the past to improve the future.  

Bridging Ages is an international organization utilizing nearby history to recreate the past in  educational and museum settings to better understand the societies of today. Bridging Ages has members from over twenty countries which  focus on local heritage at museums, schools, in communities, and with local historical societies. Since 2004, Bridging Ages has held conferences in Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, South Africa, and Turkey. To learn more, please visit our website at

We invite historians, educators, students, and community scholars from museums, universities and schools, heritage organizations, living history programs, and any other field of study to submit a proposal for a paper, a panel, or a workshop. Please send your proposal to before November 1, 2012 and include the title, a 250 word abstract, and a short biography about yourself. Send proposals and inquiries to: Jon Hunner, Department of History, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, (575) 646-2490 and at And follow us on Facebook at “Bridging Ages 2013 in Las Cruces, NM” for the latest updates on the conference.