2021 Turkey

Conference 2020 is rescheduled to take place in 2021 due to COVID19 pandemic.

Bridging Ages International Conference in Giresun/ Ordu, Turkey,

19-21 October 2021

Engagement in Environment and Community

The Time Travel Method in Education, Tourism and Local Development

The next international Bridging Ages conference will be held in Giresun and Ordu, Turkey. The program includes several sessions on these issues, as well as an academic session and a Time Travel event at Giresun Island. We welcome people from museums, schools, universities, municipalities, NGOs and other interested persons and organizations.

19-21 October 2021 (Excursion 22 Oct)..

Call for Papers in May.

Time Travel training course in Giresun/Ordu, connected to the conference: 10-22 October.

Please check: https://www.schooleducationgateway.eu/en/pub/teacher_academy/catalogue/detail.cfm?id=166234

More information on conference and course: Hakan Adanir, hakanadanir@gmail.com

Gulshera Khan, twinningsa@gmail.com

Ebbe Westergren, ebbe.westergren51@gmail.com