My history as a part of the history

It gave me an idea that ended up in a project financed by the Swedish cultural council. Is history 100 years ago only for those who are born and raised there? Of course not! We started the project to start a discussion and find new work tools to handle the fact that we move a lot within the country and between countries and not necessarily feel like we are a part of that place we live in and its history and culture. How can we teach the younger generation to bring out new perspectives on history and how can we use their own stories? How can we teach them to be aware that you only get a few perspectives in the history books and make them understand the importance of many different stories to see a bigger picture? Whose stories are told and why? We asked these questions to 10-year olds. By letting all of their stories about their lives be used as examples of the many stories and ways to look at history, we tried to make them understand how and by whom history is produced and what happens to the stories we don't tell.

Linda Liljeberg Kalmar läns museum, Sweden