Report from Bridging Ages Conference in İzmir, Manisa

An amazing experience! The Time Travel on 6 June back to the year 590 BC at the Athena temple in Smyrna was an amazing experience with more than 200 participants!  In the scenario where the wedding ceremony of 14 years old Daphne and Khilon was realized, key questions like the place of women in society, the differences between status in social life and problems about state governing were discussed. In order to offer to the gods in the Athena Temple, people prepared food, wine, some ornaments and ceramics. During the wedding ceremony, antique era music and dance were performed and poems were read.

The Bridging Ages conference was organized by Manisa, Karşıyaka, Bayraklı and Bornova Municipalities, the Union of Turkish Municiplaties (TBB), with the support of Yaşar University, and Kalmar County Museum, Sweden. More than 100 participants from different cities in Turkey took part in the whole conference. Also about 30 people from Sweden, Finland, Italy, South Africa and the USA participated and made presentations. Both the first day and in the Time Travel there were about 200 participants including local visitors.

Way forward The conference was important in terms of expanding of the Time Travel method in Turkey. Many municipalities got interested in the concept and a communication network was created with these municipalities. We would like to thank everyone who took part and made presentations in the conference. Ebru Iltenmis Coordinator Bridging Ages Turkey