Call For Papers

In the conference we want to explore the use of the footprints from the past in today’s society. Some of the footprints are wellknown, some have been completely forgotten. Often the history has been told from the victors’ point of view. Are there any new perspectives on the well-known stories? What are the stories that nobody has told before? And why are these stories important today? What role do they play in today´s society? How do we tell history from below, the stories of servants, slaves, workers, women and children? How do we use the Time Travel method in presenting historical footprints, wellknown or forgotten, in engaging the local population, in education, in developing the community, in highlighting important issues of today, in Time Travels? We invite educators, scholars from universities, museums, heritage organizations, municipalities, community organizations, tourism sector and other interested. If you want to present a paper at the conference please submit your proposal, including the title, an abstract of half a page and a few words about yourself to, before March 1st 2012. For personal information contactEbru Iltenmis: ebilte@gmail.comErdem Muhtaroglu: erdemmuhtaroglu@gmail.comBahar Balaban: