The Bridging Ages Conference in Worcester 2008

I want to thank the international body Bridging Ages for affording the Cape Winelands the opportunity to host this "Bridging Diversity" Conference and, in so doing, affording us the opportunity to showcase our magnificent district to both local and international delegates in attendance. 

The South African connection and link to the Swedish government stems back from the apartheid area and their anti-apartheid activism and support for the ANC in our fight for democracy. From that relationship flows, the inter-governmental relationship between the Baltic Region and the Cape Winelands. 

Time Travels started in 2006 and is the result of the cooperation between the Cape Winelands District Municipality and the Kalmar region in Sweden. The interrogation of our historical sites and of events such as the 1976 protests, have yielded some amazing results - breathing life into our history with the honest intent to assist healing in our divided society. South Africa has a colourful past, and it has much to learn on topics of relevance such as: inequality, democracy, communication, diversity, and so on. This programme is therefore extremely relevant to our schools, museums and organisations interested in our "living history" and, we are extremely grateful to Kalmar County for including us in this venture. 

THANK YOU, and once again, welcome to South Africa, the Western Cape, The Cape Winelands and the Worcester Museum!