Ngurunit conference, a chance of a life time.

Bridging Ages Conference
26-28 August 2014
Ngurunit, Kenya
Organizers: BANK, Bridging Ages Northern Kenya, National Museums of Kenya and Kenyatta University. Support from Marsabit County

In Ngurunit you will experience the lifestyle of the Samburu and Rendille nomads. You will have a chance to see a culture that is gone in most parts of the world, but in Ngurunit still vibrant and alive, for example building of a hut, make fire with sticks, store fresh milk in the hot desert, make rock paintings, watch the blacksmith with his stone forge. And of course try the spectacular dances, the colourful dresses, listen to the legends, and taste the good food.

It is with lots of pride that the Ngurunit community welcomes visitors from all over the world to their community. They will do everything to make you feel at home.

Topic of the conference: Education and Community Building

There will be presentations and engaging workshops on collaboration between education, heritage and community, examples from Kenya and other countries in Africa, Europe and other continents. Both best practices and recent research on the benefits of working together, education and community.

-     the role of the local community and local heritage in education

-     how education and local heritage support in developing the community

The Time Travel will be held at one of the local homesteads, a manyatta.

The conference will end with a big cultural event, an extraordinary experience.


24-25 August      Transport from Nairobi to Ngurunit (organized by BANK)

26 August            Day one: opening of the conference, presentations and workshops

27 August            Day two: Time Travel to today, at a manyatta; Presentations and workshops, evening program

28 August            Day three, Am: Concluding workshops
Pm and evening: Big cultural event with Samburus, Rendilles and other tribes
in northern Kenya, performances, songs, dances
Traditional market

29 August            A day in Ngurunit and surroundings, visiting the pool, town, mountains, manyattas, schools, depending on interest

30 August            Transport Ngurunit-Nairobi (organized by BANK)

Safety, Accommodation and Fees

Ngurunit is a safe place in the middle of the Samburu and Rendille communities. The organizers will provide transport from Nairobi to Ngurunit. There is local security and a clinic.

Accommodation in Ngurunit will be in one of the local camps.

Conference fee: 10 000 Kenyan Shillings (Africans), 20 000 KShs (non-Africans)

Accommodation and food in Ngurunit, 5 nights: 15 000 KShs

Accommodation in Isiolo (on the way to Ngurunit): 5000 KShs

Call for Papers, Information and Register

Call for papers (PDF)

Updated information you will find on the Bridging Ages website

The conference will be open for registration from beginning of April 2014


Steven Labarakwe, BANK, Marsabit County Government