Karibu Kenya Welcome to Kenya!

Education, Heritage and Community Building Bridging Ages Conference, Ngurunit, Kenya, 25-29 August

The community of Ngurnit is looking forward to the conference and to greet you all. August is a dry period and a bit warm, but we have enough shades at the conference camp site in Ngurunit, thanks to the many Acacia trees.

Issues in the presentations and group discussions

  • Heritage, Environment and Community Building
    How do heritage and heritage institutions support in the development of local communities, physically, socially? Establish Heritage Centers in local communities? Role, benefits? How to engage the community in a sustainable landscape?

  • Education and Community Building
    How can we use local heritage and local experiences in education, for example in mathematics and history on a regular basis? What support is needed, what are the benefits, challenges?

  • Education, Heritage and Conflict Resolution
    How do we use cultural heritage and local knowledge in preventing and resolving conflicts?

Program, short version

24 August, delegates leave Nairobi, transport provided for free by the host organization
25 August, delegates arrive in Ngurunit
26 August, Opening by Dr Hassan Wario, National Minister of Sport, Culture and the Arts;
Ukur Yatani, Governor of Marsabit County; Dr Ahmed Yassin, Director General of National Museums of Kenya; Joseph Lekuton, MP
Bridging Ages in Kenya and the world: Steven Labarakwe and Ebbe Westergren
First session: Heritage, Environment and Community Building.
27 August, Time Travel at a manyatta, “Stay or Leave”, samburu traditions, crafts and stories
Second session: Education and Community Building. Mathematics in the Historic Environment.
28 August, Third session, Education, Heritage and Conflict Resolution
Pm. Big cultural festival and community event: performances, singing, dances…
At every session there are several short presentations from Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, USA, Latvia, Finland, Turkey and other parts of the world, followed by group discussions and hopefully creative solutions
29 August, A day in Ngurunit with several opportunities to visit the community and surroundings
30 August, leave Ngurunit early in the morning, arriving in Nairobi in the evening

Registration for the conference and fees: www.bridgingages.org/registration

All delegates have to arrive in Nairobi before 12 o’clock, 24 August to catch the common transport to Ngurunit. The transport is back in Nairobi 30 August, at about 7 pm.

Practical information on the transport and the stay in Ngurunit will be sent to the delegates about six weeks before the conference.

Program, long version


Bridging Ages 2014 Conference Program 41 kB