International conference 2014

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Bridging Ages Conference, 26-29 August 2014, Ngurunit, Kenya

We are really grateful to host the Bridging Ages international conference and would like you to share this joyful moment with us.

You will be staying at Lesamu camp in the middle of Ngurunit and get an opportunity to see and experience Samburu and Rendille cultures. You meet different kinds of people: proud warriors (morans), wise elders, colorfully dressed ladies, skilled craftsmen/women and a lot of children. There are camels, cattle, goats and beautiful birds. We will serve you a variety of tasty and local food. And you will enjoy nice weather and an area with beautiful sceneries, surrounded by mountains, a home to different cultures where people are very friendly and welcoming. It’s a life time opportunity.

This is a workshop conference, where meetings, discussions and results are in focus. We want to end up with some concrete solutions on how education and heritage will contribute in building our communities, towards social and economic growth, more of unity and cohesion, but also more of jobs. Education, heritage and community are together, as in the ongoing project on “Mathematics in the Historic Environment”, and you will hear more examples from countries around the world. There will be presentations and creative  discussions, a Time Travel on the life of today in a manyatta. The conference ends with a big cultural festival with performances, singing and dancing from the Samburu and Rendille community and representatives from other tribes in northern Kenya. We are expecting 150 people or more for the conference and many, many hundreds for the festival.

Kindly lets us know as soon as possible if you are available to attend the event and any other questions you may have.
A warm welcome to everyone!
Steven Labarakwe, assisted by Jeremy Lengure, Bridging Ages Northern Kenya (BANK)

Bridging Ages Conference, Ngurunit, Kenya

24 August  Delegates leave Nairobi in the afternoon, transport provided for free by the host organization
25 August  Arrival in Ngurunit, welcome, settle
26 August 09h00 Opening – Dr Hassan Wario, National Minister of Sport, Culture and the Arts
                    Ukur Yatani, Governor of Marsabit County
                    Dr Yassin, Director General of National Museums of Kenya
                    Joseph Lekuton, MP, Laisamis
                    Dances, singing
                    Introduction, Bridging Ages Northern Kenya – Steven Labarakwe, Marsabit
                    County Government
                    Bridging Ages all over the world and the Time Travel method – Ebbe Westergren, President of Bridging Ages
                    First session, Heritage, Environment and Community Building
                    Several short presentations
                    13h00 Lunch
                    First session, second part
                    More short presentations
                    Workshop and group discussions on the theme of the day
                    17h00 End
27 August  09h00 Preparation for the Time Travel
                    Time Travel at a manyatta, “Stay or Leave”, including traditional crafts and stories
                    Evaluation and reflection
                    12h30 Lunch
                    Second session, Education and Community Building
                    Mathematics in the Historic Environment
                    Several short presentations
                    Workshop and group discussions on the theme of the day
                    17h00 End
                    Evening: Surprise
28 August 09h00 Third session, Education, Heritage and Conflict Resolution
                    Several short presentations
                    Workshop and group discussions on the theme of the day
                    Solutions, achievements, way forward
                    Vote of thanks
                    Next Bridging Ages conference
                    13h00 Lunch and Market
                    14h00, until the evening: Big Cultural Festival with Ngurunit Community and several tribes from northern Kenya: performances, dances, singing etc
29 August  A day in Ngurunit
                    Possible tours (am and/or pm): Visit a manyatta; Walk the mountains; Camel ride; Visit the blacksmith; Natural swimming pool…
                    Evening: Camp fire
30 August  Leave Ngurunit early in the morning, arriving in Nairobi in the evening

The 35-40 presenters are from museums, schools, universities, NGOs, natural and cultural organizations, regional and local governments in Kenya, South Africa, USA, Italy, Uganda, Sweden, Latvia, USA, Finland and Turkey. The project “Mathematics in the Historic environment is presented by Linnaeus University, Kalmar County Museum, Kenyatta University, National Museums of Kenya, BANK and local schools. Check the Bridging Ages website for an update of the program, the presenters, Time Travel scenario, the questions in the group discussions and more.
The program is subject to change.

Conference fee: 5000 Kenyan Shillings (Kenyans), 10 000 KShs (other Africans), 20 000 KShs (non-Africans). Students: free.
Accommodation and food: 20 000 KShs (for all delegates), including five nights in Ngurunit and one night in Isiolo (on the way up to Ngurunit).
The organizers provide transport for free from Nairobi 24 August pm, arriving in Ngurunit 25 August; and from Ngurunit, early in the morning 30 August, arriving in Nairobi the same day at about 7 pm.

Steven Labarakwe, Bridging Ages Northern Kenya, BANK
Ebbe Westergren, Bridging Ages International