Comments from the Ngurunit conferenece

On behalf of Bridging Ages Northern Kenya, BANK, Marsabit County Government and myself I want to thank all the participants at the Ngurunit conference. The people of Ngurunit felt honoured and appreciated your kindness and your creative ideas.
The conference brought a lot of excitement in the valley of Ngurunit and it also gave me the experience of a life time as an individual. The humour, the ideas, and a community formed from nations. The conference built confidence in many ways. I hope you all had good experiences and learnt something to take home, during your short stay in Kenya. Thank you and thank you again. Asante Sana
Steven Labarakwe, BANK, Marsabit County Government

The conference stressed the need to record history, but most importantly it focussed on the now – what can be done NOW to better the lives of people. The organisation of the entire The BANK members had different roles to play and different aspects taken care of. This was indeed an experience of a lifetime. 
I will make education more meaningful by taking on the Time travel approach and I formally apply to the Department of Education to allow learners to engage with Time Travel in 2015
Thanks to those who gave me the greatest opportunity to be part of this wonderful experience. I simply loved it. 
Dr B. Gounden, Port Shepstone Twinning Association,
Marburg Secondary School, South Africa

It was such a wonderful time together in Ngurunit. It was quite amazing that people from different nations with different cultures quickly agreed, united and put brains together to address the theme of the conference. What a successful memorable conference!
Applause to the organizers. Thank you thank you thank you I am surely a transformed person now. I am thinking differently about the challenges around me/my community/ school/nation.
It is my prayer that we remain in touch, form a task force team that can always come together and discuss issues geared to solutions whenever need arises no matter where.
I will always treasure that time l was in Ngurunit and your company my dear friends.
Rosemary Lipa, Nakiwogo Primary School, Entebbe, Uganda
The conference was different from all other conferences I‘ve been to, the reception of the locals and the site‘s very special character. It was truly a „once in a lifetime“ – moment; without electricity and mobile networks, a platform for all the meetings. I got the chance to socialize with people from other countries and cultures in a relaxed way. This was an inspiration that I want more of. 
Tore Danielsson, Swedish Exhibition Agency

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Bridging Ages website,

I am so happy that I got the opportunity to participate in the conference. Not only did I learn more about the conference topic – education and community building – and see what it can mean in a real setting (Ngurunit made an excellent case study), I also got to know a lot of interesting, kind and passionate people and had a really good time. 
I will definitely think more about how to connect the museum with the local community and how to use cultural heritage in a way that benefit society, for example in relation to issues concerning the environment and sustainability.
It was good for all of us “outsiders” to get a deeper understanding of the lifestyle and living conditions in that part of the world. It certainly gave me a new perspective on life. 
Carolina Jonsson Malm, Kalmar läns museum, Sweden

This was my first time of attending Bridging Ages Conference and I have gained a lot from you people who have been members of Bridging Ages for long time.
The conference brings together different people from all over the world to share other people’s culture and heritage. It is a forum where we interact with each other and make friends. I experience how community can come together to make their environment a better place to stay and I remember all the cultural dances performed by different Nations.
I have realized that Time Travel is a major tool in community building. My organization, the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa has now given me the support to form a Bridging Ages Association in Nasarawa, Nigeria.
Adamu Mshelia, Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa, Nigeria

Never judge a book by its cover, the people of Ngurunit are very intelligent and have a wide knowledge. Africa is characterized by curriculum that don’t solve our problems in Africa, it is high time educationist expand, explore and be flexible so that they can come up with solutions which are relevant to our African problems
Sibiya Thandeka, Mpopohomeni Primary School, South Africa

I must say, the Bridging Ages conference has with it an amazing spirit, a spirit of gentleness from everybody. We had opportunity to learn from each other, live and taste the Samburu and Rendile cultures through Time Travel. The conference really helped me to learn how I can use history as a practical tool for change and development now. The principle of the applied history is perfect. 
Denis Ngala, TICAH, Kenya