Reflections from Bridging Ages Conference in Dundalk, Ireland, 2-5th June 2015

The Conference kicked off in the town hall of Dundalk, with many friends and new acquaintances and the same evening we enjoyed a welcome dinner at the Plaza Hotel. The following days interesting papers and workshops were presented on a variety of topics from museums to the classroom. We ourselves talked about subject-integrated learning in secondary schools, with examples from our own school in Finland.

The conference was an amazing experience; one could take part in the situation of the other participants' history, culture and how they deal with difficult situations. We met interesting people from many other countries. To quote the inspiring Ebbe Westergren, the founder of Bridging Ages: "People get together - and talk"

We got an overview of the conflict (called "The Troubles") with people from "both sides and those stuck between" and how they deal with the situation today. The highlight of this topic was the tour along the border and the trip to Belfast and the painted peace walls.

Matias Norrgrann
Lecturer in History and Social studies, Finland
& Carl-Oscar Granberg
Teacher in English and Geography, Finland