Municipality of Manisa, Karşıyaka-İzmir and Bornova-İzmir municipalities worked on Time Travel projects in Turkey.  Time travel group in Karşıyaka arranged a TT to 590 BC in old Smyrna, Bornova group. Arranged a TT in Yeşilova site in 6000 BC and Manisa group carried out a TT to 1955 when Tarzan of Manisa- probably one of the first environmentalists- lived. The projects are carried out with the contribitions of municipality, university and museum.

As global warming a big concern all over the world, we decided to choose 1955 and Tarzan of Manisa as our subject. Tarzan of Manisa - real name Ahmet Bedevi- was born in Samarra, Iraq and moved to Manisa after the Liberation War. He lived in the Spil Mount alone. He devoted himself to protecting the nature and planting trees after seeing the devestation of the nature in Manisa. He planted about 60.000 trees in and around Manisa. . And, we carried out our first Time Travel on 28 April and the second one on 29 April, 2009. 4 and 5 grade students from Children Art and Culture Center and CBU university students took part in our first TT, which was also the first one in Turkey, and the second TT was performed on 29 April with the participation of 6-7 and 8 grade students from Ali Rıza Çevik Elemantary school and CBU students.

In the scenario, we had some strangers who came to cut the trees in the area ,children who protest and try to prevent them from cutting the trees and of course Tarzan who bravely come and help people in their struggle. During the Time Travel, children had a good chance of experiencing what life was like in those days. They experienced grinding coffee beans, knitting, spinning wool, making gözleme and ayran and planting trees. With these activities, children not only gained the awareness of environment but also they could feel the setting of 1955. When evaluating, we learned that all the students felt it was one of the greatest experiences they ever had.  As teachers, we can easily say that the TT method was both entertaining and an effective way of teaching.