Each year Bridging Ages organizes an international conference where applied cultural heritage, history education and the time travel method is being highlighted and discussed. The conference will bring together researchers and professionals from a variety of academic disciplines and occupations in several countries. The purpose of the conference is to generate discussion across a broad spectrum of possible answers to these and related questions. The conference also features a unique “Time Travel” experience applying a widely practiced method of historic environment education. The resulting dynamic of the conference will result in new ideas and provide practical inspiration for all participants.

In 2016 the conference was held in Kalmar, Sweden.

The conference 2017 will be held in Vasa, Finland, on the 12-14th of September. We will announce more detailed information and how to register in the beginning of 2017. In connection to the conference in Vasa, there will be a training week which is an opportunity for those interested in the Time Travel method to learn more, participate in workshops and Time Travel events.