Time Travel to the Great Depression, 1937, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Over the fall term at New Mexico State University, Jon Hunner's class researched the 1930s, developed characters and activities, and then time travelled with local schools. Some of the activities included making adobe (mud) bricks, washing clothes on a wash board, making a quilt, cooking soup thin enough to read a news-paper through, painting Christmas decorations, and trading with a hobo (a homeless man).  

In evaluating the experience, one student wrote: "Time Travelling was a great way to learn about the Great Depression." One of the teachers also commented: "What a great way to experience the Great Depression." The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum continues to support Time Travels by allowing a Hooverville (a shanty town) to be built on their grounds and letting staff members take an active part in recreating the Great Depression.  

Jon Hunner