First Time Travels in Uganda

2 October 2013 the first Time Travels were held in Entebbe, Uganda. The place for the Time Travels was at the Freedom Tree in the middle of town and the topic was on Independence and Freedom. The year was 1954 when there were rallies at the Freedom Tree as a part of the struggle and preparations for independence in Uganda.

The Time Travels were organized by the Bridging Ages working group in Entebbe consisting of Entebbe Municipal Council, teachers from Entebbe Secondary School, Nakiwogo and Kigungu Primary Schools, three cultural groups: Lunnyo Women’s group, Golden Production and Lunnyo Youth Apostolic Group together with Swedish partners, Kalmar County Museum, Kalmar Regional Theatre and Kalmar municipality.

The Time Travels in Entebbe are part of a two-year project called “Sites and Stories”, focusing on how to use local sites and stories, and engaging people in interviews, drama, Time Travels as a way to root democracy and develop the communities. Educational and cultural organizations in Entebbe, Uganda and Kalmar, Sweden work together with the municipalities.

Facts and Scenario, The Freedom Tree 1954:
Our way to freedom and independence!

The tree was the place for political meetings and rallies before independence in 1962 and has become a symbol for freedom and independence.

“Saturday afternoon. Mr Ignatious Musaazi has called for a meeting at the big tree. People come walking, riding on bicycles to spend a couple of hours by the tree before leaving for home. Two years ago Andrew Cohen was appointed Governor of Uganda but last year he sent the king of Buganda, Kabaka Muteesa II on exile to England.

Musaazi and his friends want a new strategy in the struggle for freedom: “It is the time to mobilize people to develop the way to freedom and independence”, they say. “What are the challenges and problems in Uganda? How do we address it? Responsibilities? Actions?” Today the path to the future will be outlined in the shade of the tree.”

Goal of the Freedom Tree Time Travel:

Make people reflect on the meaning of Independence and Freedom, compare today and the past.

Emphasize the importance of the Freedom Tree as a heritage site in the independence struggle.

Facilitate creative reflections on the needs and solutions of challenges in the country.

Desires for Uganda from the pupils, adopted in the Time Travel:

  • Better education
  • Improved health services
  • Good roads and buildings
  • Peace and unity
  • Leaders with good visions

We need one another regardless of race, tribe and age.
We need to be courageous and confident when expressing our views.

Douglas Muwonge, Entebbe Time Travel Group