Time Travels in Turkey

The Turkish municipalities are located in, or in close vicinity, to the city of Izmir on the Aegean coast. The focus of the three time-travels is:

  • The Neolithic site of Yesilova (6500 BC) where we discuss climate change and immigration
  • The city of Smyrna (590 BC) where the key-questions is equality, religion and distribution of wealth
  • Manisa (1955 AD) focus on the person Ahmed Bedevi, also known as Manisa Tarzan, and his environmental work and the conflict between modernity and tradition.

In September 2008 the delegation from Turkey visited Sweden and participated in time travel and seminars in Kalmar and gained experience about how to utilize and teach local historic sites in schools and for tourists and the public in general. In November 2008 three persons from Kalmar County Museum arranged workshops about cultural pedagogy and time-travel methodology in and around Izmir. The actual time travels is planned for the spring of 2009.