Time Travel Studies in Turkey - Yesilova Höyück Stone Age Site in İzmir, Bornova

The past three months we have done many preparations in the Bornova Time Travel group for the first time ravels in April 2009. The work is being done together by the Ege University and the Municipality of Bornova,in two working teams.

The reconstruction plan of the area where the time travels will take place, has been completed by the unicipality of Bornova as an “Izmir Bornova pre-historic education and exhibition area”. In the area therewill be an archeological education park, a pre-historic village and a museum with exhibition saloons.

The Cultural Department and Park and Gardens Department of Bornova Municipality have started to prepare he Time Travel area by landscaping the site. Also clothes, costumes, props and tools are about to beproduced.

The working team at the Ege University has had training for trainers, among other things about the ornaments and jewellery of the pre-historic period and jewellery design.

The training of the teachers that, together with their pupils, will take part in the Time Travels has started. afer Derin, professor in archaeology at Ege University, will also have history and archeology lessons forteacher candidates in Primary School Social Sciences Department of Ege University. Both future teachers nd pupils will be able to use to the Time Travel area. The working teams of Bornova Municipality and Ege University meet very often and plan for the first Time ravels.

 Bornova -Time Travel Team