Report from Turkey by Ebbe Westergren

Time Travel Project in Turkey

Visit to the Aegean Sea 13-18 December 2009 Schedule

 13 Dec       

Andreas Juhl and Ebbe Westergren arrive in Izmir.  

14 Dec 

Visit to Bornova Municipality Homer Valley, press and Taking part in the end of the Yesilova Time Travel, 6000 B.C. Visiting Homer cavesMeeting with the Time Travel group, discussing the projectDinner with Bornova municipality

 15 Dec  

  • Visit to Karsiyaka Municipality Meeting with the Time Travel group, discussing the project
  • Visit Latife Hanim House  
  • Presentation at Bayrakli municipality, discussion about the project                   
  • Visit Old Smyrna                     
  • Dinner with Karsiyaka municipality  16 Dec          
  • Visit to Manisa MuncipalityMeeting with the Time Travel group, presentation, discussing the project                     
  • Press and TV                     
  • Visit Sultan Mosque and Complex, old hospital, hamam                     
  • Visit Mehvenlihani museum                     
  • Dinner with Manisa municipality 

 17 Dec  

Workshop at Bornova municipality, c. 30 people from Manisa, Bornova, Karsiyaka and Bayrakli municipalities, Ege University, professor and students.                       

Content: Seven steps, community research, read the landscape.       How to write a scenario - facts, story, key questions, roles, activities.The Time Travel process - welcome, initiation, key questions and activities, unexpected happening, meal and discussions, ending ceremony, reflection.Learning - paradigm: reproduce or challenge, explain or critical.Fact and coherence.Reflection-create meaning-participation are important. values in a Time Travel.    

Visit the new Cultural Center at the former Gas Factory.                    

Dinner with Bornova municipalty  

18 Dec          

Workshop continuesTime Travel with different target groups - 5-9 years, 9-12 years, teenagers, elderly, local population, tourists.Planning for 2010, activities and visits. Summary

19 Dec          

Andreas and Ebbe leave for Sweden.  

Conclusions: The project has been discussed, clarified and agreed upon.A new municipality, Bayrakli municipality, is now in the project and will work together with Karsiyaka municipality at old Smyrna.A positive atmosphere in the Time Travel groups in the meetings.A deeper understanding of the Time Travel method after the workshop.Interesting discussions at the workshop on the implementation of the Time Travel method.An extraordinary presscoverage on the local and national level. One new site to be developed in each municipality: Homer valley/caves in Bornova, Latife Hanim House in Karsiyaka, Sultan Mosque complex and the old hospital in Manisa.Agreed upon the work and activities for 2010.There is one Time Travel group in each municiapality. There is also one coordinator in each municipality: Serpil in Bornova, Melahat in Karsiyaka, Umut in Bayrakli, and Esin in Manisa.A Time Travel education coordinator will start to work in Bornova municipality in the beginning of 2010.Two weeks EVS volonteers from the Turkish municipalities at the Kalmar County Museum in May will be investigated.Way forwardsDevelop the scenarios in Old Smyrna, Manisa 1955 and Yesilova. The proposed changes should preferrably be done in January 2010. E-mail discussions with Kalmar museum for confirmation.Research and start ideas of scenarios on the Latife Hanim house, Homer valley/caves and the old hospital at Sultan Mosque complex in Manisa.Any changes in the 7 Adim booklet will be e-mailed to Kalmar County Museum in December/January.Material for the web site will be e-mailed to the Kalmar County Museum.A Time Travel educational coordinator will be employed in Bornova muncipality.Regulary meetings in the municipal Time Travel groups.The coordinators in the four municipalities meet now and then.Continous discussions by e-mail between the Time Travel groups, the coordinators and Kalmar County Museum.April 2010: Visit of three people from Kalmar County Museum, suggested days are 12-18 April (introduction and then focus on Manisa and Bornova) and 25-29 April (Karsiyaka/Bayrakli and then summary workshop). 19-24 April the people from Kalmar will be in the Black Sea region and present the Time Travel method in the four municipalities connected to Kalmar in the Tusenet project.At the visit in April following activities are planned to take place.Manisa:Time Travel to 1955, probably two shorter (2 ½ hours) Time Travels in one day.One day workshop about the Sultan Mosque complex and the old hospital. Focus on the 16th century, the history of the mosque complex, the old hospital, life in the city and for ordinary people of that time. Target group for the workshop are the Time Travel group, teachers, maybe other people in the municipality, 25-30 people. If possible a short (1½ hours) Time Travel will take place.Bornova:One day workshop on the Yesilova Huyück. Target groups are the Time Travel group, professors and students at the Ege University, teachers..., 25-30 people. The content: a short summary of the history of Yesilova and life 6000 B.C., the Time Travel pedagogy including stories, key questions and the Time Travel process. Also a 1½-2 hour Time Travel at Yesilova focusing on the story, ceremonies, key questions and some activities. Reflection afterwards.One day workshop on the opportunities and plans of the Homer valley for learners, tourists, locals, festivals... The target groups of the workshop are the Time Travel committee, other people in the municipalitiy and other interested parties.

The workshop will include the history of Homer, his work, the time period he represents. Also the plans that the municipality has to develop the brand of Homer: urban planning, festivals, Time Travels etc. A visit to the Homer caves is part of the workshop discussing Time Travels and events.Karsiyaka/Bayrakli: Two Time Travels at Old Smyrna, maybe one full day and one short Time Travel. The new Time Travel group in Bayrakli will take part in their first Time Travels.Karsiyaka:One day workshop on the Latife Hanim House including the history of the time and the house. A short (1½ hour) Time Travel to 1922/1923.  

The Time Travel group presented their first ideas of a scenario at the workshop in December. Maybe two week EVS students in Kalmar for training in May.May 2010. Visit in Kalmar for 6-7 days for two persons from each of the four municipalities. These eight persons are people that take an active part in the Time Travel in their municipalities and have not been trained in Kalmar before. They have to be English speaking. These persons will continue the Time Travel work in their municipalities after the training. October 2010. Visit of three people from Kalmar in the Aegean region.November 2010. If there will be a Bridging Ages conference in Kalmar in November the suggestion is that two experienced Time Travel persons from each municipality take part in the conference.19th December 2009Ebbe Westergren and Andreas JuhlKalmar County Museum