First ‘Public’ Time Travel in Turkey!

The introduction and opening ceremony were held in one location before entering through the timetunnel. The second area, 1955, was an enclosed space with all of the relevant material and props.

  The weeks before the Time Travel we had sent invitations to schools hoping to generate interest among teachers. When people arrived we handed out leaflets describing what a Time Travel is and a brief summary of the scenario for the day. In the time tunnel we had placed pictures from Manisa in the 1950’s.

  When enough people had gathered we gave more information about the scenario. Then the opening ceremony with its musical accompaniment began. The walk through the time tunnel was carried out in silence. We were concerned it would get a bit crowded in the tunnel, but all went well as we were veryfocused on the task. During the whole the Time Travel one person was always at the beginning of the time tunnel to inform newcomers before they entered the area of 1955.

As soon as we reached the year 1955, two woodcutters entered the scene to cut down some trees in order to make place for a modern road. All attention was directed towards them. After a while they left to get the required permit.

  While waiting for the woodcutters to return we planted flowers in a flowerbed, wrote protest placards, made coffee and tea and engaged in several other activities.

When the woodcutters returned with their permit Tarzan made his appearance. He persuaded thewoodcutters to leave, hailed by the public who applauded with gusto; Tarzan had saved all the trees!Before disappearing he handed out candy to the children.

There was a general atmosphere of good cheer with singing and dancing; everyone had a great time!Music brought us back to the present when it was time to go back through the time tunnel to 2010.We assembled a circle of participants for the evaluation of the event posing certain key questions.Some had actually met Tarzan in real life. They said they were deeply moved by the day, theirmemories of him having been revived. Some also expressed contentment that a historical figure who had benefited the environment was given attention. Comments were generally very positive andexpressive of the joy of the experience.

We felt the energy of the crowd in our first ‘Public Time Travel’ and became convinced once more ofthe great value of the Time Travel project in Turkey.  

We would like to express our gratitude for bringing this great educational idea to Turkey and Manisa.  

Ebru and Salih Iltenmis Manisa Time Travel Committee