An important step for Time Travels in Manisa, Turkey

20th of January 2015 a Time Travel to 1533 was organized for 60 people at the Darüssifa, the old Ottoman hospital, in Manisa, Turkey. 60 university students and teachers from Celal Bayar University participated, with support from Manisa municipality.

In the 1530s the healthy Mesir paste was created at the Darüssifa by Merkez Efendi for Hafsa Sultan who was seriously sick. In the Time Travel scenario people are coming to the hospital for medication and treatment, but some of them more out of curiousity. On Fridays food is also given to the needy.

All participants had a chance to learn about social and cultural life in the Ottoman Empire in 1533. They connected to the past, but through the key questions on “Passion and diseases” also to today, and realized that much of the worries and problems are still the same.

The evaluations and reflections after the Time Travel were very positive. As this was the first Time Travel with Celal Bayar University, it was an important step forward. It gives new opportunities for Bridging Ages Turkey and for future Time Travels in Manisa.

Ebru Iltenmis, Manisa, Bridging Ages Turkey