St Michael and the dragon.

For two years, the Hockey Club in Mora, Sweden, together with the school and the church, has worked with young people ages 14-16 years old on fundamental values.

The hockey club felt that they needed help in their quest for the youth to become the best version of themselves, both on the hockey field, but also outside the sports arena. The same request had the high school Noretskolan, which is committed to working for democracy and trust and has a value-based pedagogy employed at the school. And so started St Michael and the dragon, a project between the Swedish Church, Mora hockey club and the high schools in the municipality.

The young people meet continuously during the year to, and in the middle of winter, when Mora is at its coldest, the youngsters take part in a time travel.

Together we go back to the year 1932 when Mr Gunnar Faleij introduced hockey for the bandy playing youngsters. The Morabians were not interested in this new sport and much persuasion was required from Mr Faleij before they dared to try the new and unknown sport hockey. The key questions in this time travel is -What had happened if the people in Mora did not dare to test the new game, which today has become an important part of the local people's soul? And how do we relate to new things and people that come to Mora today?
The Time travel has really fallen out well. The young people immediately make connections to the present and the future. In the time travel, they dare to express apprehensions and fears for the new and unknown. And at the same time, give each other the courage to be open and welcoming.

The headmaster of the school has on several occasions expressed that he sees a difference in how the students who are part of St Michael and the dragon now stand up for themselves and for others in the school. He even made the effort to call the hockey club's youth manager and coach and told them about the good results.
- Having an external partner who looks at our basic values and helps us to become a better place and community for our children and young people is both innovative and rewarding, says youth manager Andreas Hägglund from Mora IK.

Pernilla Lundström, Church of Sweden.