“Return journey”

New Exhibiton at the Kalmar County Museum

Now you can make Time Travels inside the Kalmar County Museum! The new exhibition “Return journey” takes the visitor to different places and historical time periods in the Kalmar County. Using the Time Travel method raises reflections and issues important for us today. For example, when you in the Exhibition-Time Travel “meet” emigrants in 1900, you probably ask yourself; - What would make me move from home? What would I bring on my journey? What is it like, coming to a new country? Of course we also (in a special travel pamphlet) encourage the visitors to visit other places in the Kalmar County in real life as well!

This summer we welcome tourists and everyone that is interested and curious. From school start, end of August, we also offer pedagogical programs for learners of all ages.

The exhibition was opened June 18 by Ebbe Westergren, Kalmar County Museum, President of the Bridging Ages Organization and creator of the Time Travel method.

Maria Kanje, Curator, Tina Lindström, Head of education and exhibition, Kalmar County Museum