NCK - The Nordic Centre of Heritage

Learning and Creativity

NCK is a research and development centre located in Östersund, Sweden, working with learning through cultural heritage. The aim is to help cultural institutions such as museums, archives and galleries, how to use for instance artefacts, stories and documents to achieve social inclusion, lifelong learning and regional development. NCK started in 2005 as a project run by Jamtli (the regional museum), the State regional archives and the popular movements’ archives.

Since January 2013 NCK is owned by cultural heritage institutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries, which makes the Nordic-Baltic perspective strong. NCK runs several Nordic projects, but is also involved in European projects.

In addition to the projects NCK also arranges a conference every year in February. In 2014 the conference will be held on the 5th and 6th of February on the theme “Take a stand!” It will be about the role of heritage institutions in their communities and as political actors – not as neutral agents delivering the “truth”. 

NCK also arranges courses, lectures and seminars and cooperate a lot with other actors. Together with the Association of Swedish Museums and three universities, a university course has been developed for museum staff to increase their competence when it comes to learning. The course consists of four parts and will start in the autumn of 2014. It is the result of an investigation made by NCK about learning in museums, where we found that many education officers have little formal education in the field of learning, and that there is a demand for further education at university level for them.

NCK is a small centre with large ambitions and plenty of things going on. It is a dynamic and creative centre which works with practical experiments, research and politics, with conferences, projects and learning. You will find us on or at

Anna Hansen  Managing Director