Kalmar County Museum

Experience your local history

"All-Time History" is an educational service at Kalmar County Museum, where archaeologists, historians and teachers work together. We help children, young people and adults of all ages to discover their own local history.The Kalmar County Museum offers exciting and varied Historical Days. We draw from original sources about the people and events which have been influential in your district during different periods.These days are held at a historic location close to your school. We travel back in time to the chosen epoch, where the pupils gain hands-on experience in cooking, handicrafts, clothes and tools from that time. They may even "meet" the persons who lived and worked in the district...

Take the chance to experience your own local history; to bring the history that starts right outside your door into your own world, into the child's and young person's world, into the school's world. Maybe a Bronze Age find near your school inspires "research" and an exciting day of historical experience. Imagine travelling 3,000 years back in time. For real. Or why not find out more about the nobleman that lived on the grounds near to the school 540 years ago? Can we travel back to his time and take part in the life on his land? Or, how was it 1,000 years ago, when the monk from the British Isles held a service at the areas well-to-do farmer's place? Or, experience how it was when worlds were changing at the turn of the century, 1900, in a meeting between industrial workers, the squire and the socialist.

The Historical Days are suitable for all ages, from pre-school, to school-leavers, to adults. The pedagogy is adjusted to suit the age of the pupils/students and the period of history presented. Get in touch with us at the museum, and don't forget to book in good time. Which periods of history are represented in your area? What is there close to your school? Why not find out more? And learn something for life!



The stone age 442 kB

The middle age 181 kB

The Iron age 401 kB

The bronze age 216 kB

Magic time travel 639 kB

Historical roleplay 904 kB