Jämtlands läns museum

The Nordic network for time travels - 10 years jubilee

During this term, we have been gathering teachers working in day-care centres, schools, museums and homestead museums to our annual network meeting. They have all participated in our courses in the time travelling method during the last 10 years and are working with the method by themselves in their own surroundings. We gather once a year on different places in our county where the teachers are active with their own time travels. The members of the network decides what theme they found most interesting and have need of enter deeply into. My role is to create an interesting course in the theme with starting point in our cultural history, both local and national. Mixing both theories and practice are important in the network-meetings. The purpose is to give the members of the network "methodological tools" and knowledge to make their own new time travelling. As it was our 10 years jubilee we decided to go "abroad" to our neighbour, the county of Dalarna and to the Sätergläntan, the handicrafts homestead. The theme was textile handicraft in time travels and recycling. We learnt and practised different kind of handicrafts in textile. And of course sharing time travel experiences and visiting one others time travel places, like homestead museums. Song and music is an important part of the time travel and one of the members in the network thought us songs and dances connected to textile work.

  "Come and help us with the spring laundry" in Jämtlands

During springtime we have offered time travels for both day-care centres and schools in this theme. The history of technics and genus are important issues in this time travel. From midsummer History land is starting at our open-air museum. Twelve different environments from different historical periods with actors makes history alive! Time travels for children to different periods of time take part every day until the last of August. From Stone Age to 1971!Welcome to read more about Historyland www.jamtli.com 

 Many time travel greetings to all of you from, Britt-Marie Borgström Jamtli