International meeting in Sweden

 Sweden-South Africa-Uganda-Nicaragua Bridging time and countries in secondary schools, using the Time Travel method

In Kalmar, Sweden, there is a course in secondary school named "The Global Supplement" that enables students from six different upper secondary schools to study global issues during two years.  

Part of the education is done in cooperation with upper secondary schools in Nicaragua, South Africa and Uganda. One challenge in the teacher and student exchanges is to fi nd a method compatible with our different school systems. We fi nd the Time Travel method very promising and during this school year (from a Swedish perspective beginning in August and finishing in June) we have created the possibility to learn and practise the method together with colleagues both in South Africa and in Sweden. After long preparations for the students and teachers in Kalmar we made a Time Travel to 1863 in May in Kalmar together with teachers from South Africa, Uganda, Nicaragua and Sweden and the Kalmar County Museum.  

This Time Travel will be followed by Time Travels in Entebbe, Uganda and Port Shepstone, South Africa during our visit to those countries in October 2009.

  Both students and teachers from Kalmar will stay in families and share ordinary school and daily life including the time travels.  

The Time Travels are a common experience where several school subjects are integrated. It offers a unique possibility to get a deeper understanding of each other's cultures and history, both past and present.  

Linda Wolfgang and Bo Hellström Teachers at The Global Supplement Kalmar, Sweden 

Comments from the learners, 17-18 years of age, after the Time Travel to 1863 in Kalmar

"When we started working with the time travel I have to admit I was a bit critical. What could we really learn from going back in time? We can learn a lot, I must say afterwards. I would even go as far as saying that this might be the best learning method there is, since you experience what you have to learn. As long as you do it with the right attitude you can really broaden your views."  

"I think one of the most interesting parts about the Time Travel was to compare my own character with my own life, and with the life of other people living around the world."  

"It would been interesting to see what happens if you make the Time Travel last longer. If you went to bed as your character, would you wake up as him/her as well?"