Gesällen, Archaeology with young students

Kalmar, Kalmar County, Sweden
This year has been exciting to everybody who is interested in archaeology in Kalmar. One block in the centre of Kalmar has been the object for a large excavation in aim to find out more about Kalmars 17th and 18th century. The research and questions have many dimensions, for example, the social status of the area, the water supply, the garbage situation and witch handcraft that was mainly represented. The excavations were conducted by Riksantikvarieämbetet, the Swedish National Heritage Board and Kalmar county museum. Kalmar city council is landowner and developer and the plan is to build department stores and apartments in the block.

The excavation plan also included a large outreach program. There were three guided tours on the site every week, a blog, and many programs and lectures. The archaeologists and the museum has been working in cooperation with pubs, the church, shops, the historical society and schools to get as many as possible involved in the archaeological process and the results.More than 200 learners in grade 1-5 at the nearby school, Lindöskolan, have been “helping” the archaeologists by asking their questions to the material and by actually working on the site with washing finds, digging and register finds. The project was much appreciated and was part of the school curriculum working towards local history, source criticism and living conditions.

The learners also made a Time Travel to 1681 where they helped with the building of the new Kalmar city. They made tint, woodworking, ropes and food and discussed who was welcome in the new town. The project ended with a “Vernissage” with lectures and exhibitions at Kalmar county museum with archaeologists, learners and the city council.

Emma Angelin Holmén
Kalmar läns museum