Elin – a hardworking trainee at the Kalmar County Museum

”We all sat down close to the fireplace in the dark Stone Age house. The light from the fire made it possible to see the woman who took us there. She told us the story of the place and the people living there, but suddenly stopped talking when there was a knock on the door. We were all excited and a bit scared. Who could it be? The door opened and in the sunlight from outside we could see a stranger...”

This is one of the things I clearly remember from my first Time Travel at Västraby, a Stone Age site close to our school in Emmaboda, Kalmar County. I was only nine years old but can still recall the excitement, the curiosity and the way my heart beat when going back in time.

I am Elin Zackrisson, now 23 years old and still excited about and interested in history and time travelling! After finishing school I’ve been practicing drama, writing, craftsmenship and pedagogics. All of this gave me an opportunity to work as a trainee at the Kalmar County Museum this spring. 

Lucky me! What a chance to participate in lots of Time Travels at different historical sites and to different time periods. In leading activities and acting as different characters in Time Travels I now notice how learners of today experience their first Time Travel just like I did. And if they are well prepared, I notice how they better understand how everything in life is, and always has been, linked somehow. I think, using all senses, theoretical and practical activities in a mix, gives a better understanding and make learning more meaningful. For me and lots of others, the Time Travel method is a good way of learning.

I am also active in Live Acting RolePlaying (LARP). LARP is interactive roleplaying in real time, without an audience. You write your character for the specific LARP and theme, and act as this person. 

This is very similar to the Time Travel method. But there are also differences between the two activities and the reasons for doing it! For me LARP is an experience, an adventure and something you do for yourself. When going back in time in a Time Travel it is for the participants, the learners. It is using a pedagogical tool, a method of learning. 

Elin Zackrisson
More info LARP: http://nordiclarp.org