Bridging Ages memories

The Time Travel method has a story of more than 30 years, starting in the early 1980s in the Kalmar region, Sweden. Bridging Ages has been here for 11 years, from November 2004. As a person who has been with the Time Travel method from the very beginning, and also first coordinator and then president of Bridging Ages, it is with a sense of pride I see the development over the years: an increasing number of countries in the organization, more events, workshops and trainings; development of quality, from learning about
history to focusing on contemporary issues using history. But maybe most important, to see individuals grow, both participants in Time Travel events as well as leaders in the Bridging Ages groups. No doubt, we make a difference!

There has of course been challenges. It takes a lot of engagement and efforts to write applications, prepare and implement all the activities together with various groups of people. At the same time I have developed as a person, made a lot of friends and really enjoyed myself. And I am still around.

I count to 19 countries all over the world, where I have led Time Travel projects, together with colleagues and local people. In some countries it has happened only once or twice, but in other countries I have worked regularly year after year. It has been very educational, to learn so many local histories, and cooperate in finding the best way to implement and address important issues, to make a difference. There has not been any strategy what country to go to. It only needs an invitation, funding, local ownership and then working with those who have an engagement and interest. There are of course lots of memories from all these visits in the Bridging Ages countries. Here are just a few:

The dusty bus travels in Nicaragura; one month stay at American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis; meeting President Rüttel and wife in Tallinn; taking the props and costumes in a small boat to the Time Travel event in Venice; all the young museum ladies in the Time Travel training in Riga; walking in half a meter of snow in Tartu;the beautiful Cape Winelands in South Africa; the first meeting with Louis Marais at his school in Wolseley; Gulshera’s inspiring engagement; the Time Travels on the market square in Gdansk; the cobra in Clanwilliam; exciting discussions with Masa, Maja and Milena in Serbia; all the engaged local historical societies in Ostrobothnia and Kalmar region; the kindness and efficiency in Turkey; Jon, the professor and juggler and Scott, the cowboy in Las Cruces; all the years with the Folk High School in Vasa; the international football
game in Kampala; the fantastic singing and toy‐toying in the Time Travels in Ikageng; the understanding of Mathematics and heritage; the engagement of the policemen in Cookstown; all the fascinating stories in the Åland islands; the fantastic conference in Ngurunit; welcoming so many foreign groups in Kalmar for training and workshops; all the friendly and positive faces I have met in the Bridging Ages work; and of course my colleagues at the museum in Kalmar, working together for so many years, all the daily Time Travels and big events.

I am happy that Annina has taken over as the president of Bridging Ages. Annina is an engaged and ambitious person, good in listening, good at implementing. Partner with her in new Time Travel projects and you will together make Bridging Ages grow bigger and stronger. And I’m still around as a supporter.

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Ebbe Westergren