"A day of the fifties" Time Travel to 1959 in Frödinge, Sweden

We travelled back in time as we passed the gate into the park and counted the years back to the fifties, symbolized by wooden-marbles. When everybody had arrived to the actual year, 1959, we were surprised by a man and a woman who were driving a car from the fifties. The pupils appreciated this and when we were invited to go for a ride it was a complete success.

During the day the students got in contact with different activities typical for the "fifties". They met a teacher in a classroom. The students learned a song about a man selling hot dogs in the streets. At the end of the lesson the "hot dog-man" himself appeared and told the children about the special lunch, (hot dogs and mashed potatoes) which would be served later. The students visited a living room, stayed there for a while and listened to a radio program for children, which was very popular in the 1950s. They also tasted a special cookie, called the radio-cookie.

As it was a nice and warm, a late summer day, we spent a lot of time outside in the nice park. Here the children were able to play different games typical for the 1950s. In the middle of the day, two dancers and a rock-band came to perform. The dancers showed us how to dance and the rock-band played Chuck Berry's golden hit from the fifties "Johnny B. Good".

After eating lots of good-tasting food, dancing and playing, the day ended by singing a song together with the rock-band. Everyone travelled back to the present time with a smile on their face and with lots of new knowledge about the year 1959.

Maria Wagenius, Tord Johansson, Lars-Åke Andersson, Frödinge school, Sweden