Seminar with "More living" – from the Swedish delegation point of view

30th of october 2013 we were having a great seminar here in the Cape Winelands, South Africa. During four hours the project "More Living-active age" and the activities undertaken in this project were presented. Our Swedish representatives from municipalities, Kristina and Ingegerd did a good presentation where they talked about our time travel in Krusenstiernska House in Kalmar and Södra bruket, a factory on southern Öland. The representatives from the project here in South Africa featured five books produced with the elderly memories, much about apartheid. There was a pride in the fact that they could publish their stories. The highlights, however, was when the older women went up on stage and sang songs and danced! We saw eight elderly ladies dancing in jackets and tights to "New York, New York .." and some older women danced and played rugby on stage dressed in South Africa's national team shirts, see clips .......

After the presentations, there was disco music through the speakers and then the elderly began to dance with us and the Town hall was changed into a lively dance club! It was just hanging on, never before have I been dancing disco with so many lovely ladies in their 80s...... What a joy of life even though most do not own much more than the clothes they wear!

A fantastic experience for us from Sweden!