Department of Social Development, Western Cape, South Africa and the Time Travel project

 Department of Social Development has Older Persons programme among its objectives and design and implement integrated services for the care, support and protection of older persons. We have a mandate to ensure that after care support services are available and these include home based care and economic development projects and intergenerational projects like the Time Travel project.  

This department is by all means creating and enabling environment for the seniors of this province, keeping them involved in the community activities as much as possible and introducing community based care services for this golden generation.   Today we have older persons participating in all Time Travels and intergenerational projects with the learners from different communities and cultures. This is one of the other methods of sharing knowledge and transfer of skills to the younger generation.   We wish everyone involved in the Time Travel project in the Western Cape Province, South Africa best of luck for the year ahead.  

Ms. Avela Nqentsu Project Manager: Time Travel & Intergenerational Projects