CapeNature Spring School 2011

CapeNature is a public institution with the statutory responsibility for conserving the unique natural heritage resources of the Western Cape (South Africa) for the benefit of all. CapeNature, with the guidance, support and expertise of international and local partners, rolled out the CapeNature Spring School in October 2011. Each year this Winter/Spring School is hosted to build internal capacity around specific thematic areas.  

The theme of the CapeNature Spring School for 2011 centered around capacity building to implement Landscape Education and Time Travels. The team from Kalmar County Museum and Bridging Ages South Africa exposed the participants to the methodology, including theory and practical. The Spring School was hosted in the Clanwilliam and northern Cederberg area. The Cederberg Wilderness Area is a World Heritage Site, rich in both natural and cultural heritage.  Through this capacity building process, this innovative educational methodology will be rolled out to other areas within the Western Cape, South Africa, with support from relevant international and local partners. These include Bridging Ages International, Kalmar County Museum (Sweden), Bridging Ages Western Cape, University of Cape Town (UCT) and Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project.  

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