The National Bridging Ages South Africa Conference 2013

October 2013, hosted by The Port Shepstone Twinning Association

Time Travels and Community Building was the theme of the conference. Economic develop­ment and job creation are essential in SA with a high unemployment rate. Approximately 200 persons attended the conference and were offered excellent presentations and inspirational talks on: Importance of Oral History, Integration of Time Travel within the curriculum, Legis­lation in Policy Matters pertaining to Heritage Sites, Sustainability of Organisations.

Guideline of Time Travels and Bridging Ages in South Africa, 2013-2016

Adopted by the delegates at the Bridging Ages South Africa national conference in Port Shepstone, 17 October 2013


Vision Statements

  • Use Time Travel as an educational tool to reflect on important and sensitive issues in society            
  • To give a voice to communities in order to take ownership of the heritage
  • To improve the quality of education in South Africa by employing the Time Travel method
  • To elevate the role of museums …in championing the use of the Time Travel method.
  • To raise awareness on some of the social issues and make use of Time Travels as a tool to address them
  • Use Time Travels in understanding the environment, in order to reach sustainable resources.


  • Approach key stakeholders on all levels
  • Trainings and capacity building for Time Travel committees
  • Training of teachers and community members as part of the preparations
    of each Time Travel
  • Conduct Time Travels on a regular basis
  • Institutionalize the Time Travel method, when possible
  • Research and record (untold) stories from communities
  • University course in Historic Environment Education and Time Travels

 Gulshera Khan, Port Shepstone Twinning Association, South Africa