The Meaning of Time Travels in South Africa

Time Travels show children why it’s necessary to re-visit old stories. Moreover, Time Travels allow them to shine the spotlight on previously side-lined histories. We have come a long way since the days of Apartheid but for the vast majority of masses, the question on their tongues is something Time Travels in South Africa would also encourage its participants to explore, “How does the situation before 1994 compare to the present day? Are the previously disadvantaged peoples better off, or do the vestiges of apartheid still linger on? If they do, what are the reasons for it?”   Through Time Travels, we realize how culturally rich, talented and truly diverse our many communities are. The meaning of Time Travels is to allow people of today to come together in places of history their ancestors lived, but on a level playing field. Moreover, they allow us to feel how it felt to be those people. The meaning of Time Travels is to help educate people to have open minds, to be tolerant and forgiving.  We are being given a great gift, the gift of owning our history, so we can decide whether to repeat it or not.  Mervyn Gouvais High school teacher