Adapting to Covid-19 in South Africa

The early lockdown in South Africa created the space for the country to complete work long-outstanding. The process of building our country, transforming services and addressing historical imbalances brought into sharp focus the need for speeding up the process in some areas.

Heritage organisations focus during COVID-19 pandemic time were on research, documentation, and revamping of museum displays. Some museums responded by recording the voices and experiences on how the pandemic has affected families and communities

Andy Peterson,

Bridging Ages South Africa

Port Shepstone Twinning Association embarked on development of the Educational Manuscript based on the Time Travel method. The lockdown created the space to do so. The manual focusses on the educational theories underpinning the Time Travel method, the practical implementation and educational lesson plans.

In addition, after a need assessment, supported 35 families that are part of the Association's programme with food hampers.

Rueben Gounden,

Port Shepstone Twinning Association