Using the past to create the future

The time travel held in the freedom charter square in Kliptown was an eye opening experience for the youth of Kliptown and other young participants from different parts of South Africa.

As young people of KINGS (Kliptown Innovative Native Group of Services NPO 142-326), a non-profit organization in Kliptown, are grateful and feel honored to be taking part in bringing about the success of the Time Travel. KINGS took part in the preparations and led some of the workshops working with the 10 clauses of today. We believe that using the past fruitfully we can create the future, this was made possible by the 1955 dress-codes and historical speeches from different speakers that was also part of the environmental and historical learning of the time travel.

Our objective with the program is to continue the legacy of this learning method and increase participation in Time Travels throughout South Africa. This effective partnership between Bridging Ages, Kings and other stakeholders is highly appreciated which soon will be seen reaching better heights.

Neo Tom
Kings member