Tolerance and Diversity, We and the Others

The focus in Serbia is the second World War, sensitive issues, concentration camps in Belgrade and the Kragujevac massacre in 1941. How can that knowledge help people of today to develop critical thinking, tolerance, social inclusion and democracy? 

Kalmar läns museum had written a special Time Travel for the Serbian training week, Kalmar 1945 and the reception of concentration camp prisoners but also German soldiers in the town. The Key questions were about quilt, solidarity and diversity and engaged the group in vivid discussions and opinions. The training week also contained a seminar on sensitive issues and educational programs, a Forum play and many creative discussions.

 Ebbe Westergren, Kalmar läns museum

“Even several days after the Time Travel the students were captured by the event.”

Maria Svensson, teacher at Lars Kaggskolan, Kalmar

”It was indeed fun and educating at the same time. I’m really thankful towards our Serbian guests, since they added an international perspective to the discussions about World War II. It would be great if the Time Travel could include people of even more nationalities.”

High school student from Lars Kaggskolan, Kalmar