Report from the Museum Outreach Time Travel Workshop

During two days in September, 35 people from museums and cultural organizations in Belgrade and Serbia participated in a workshop organized by the Swedish embassy in Belgrade, Helene Larsson, and Culture Center Rex. The workshop was led by Kalmar County Museum, Sweden. There were presentations on “How to use local Sites and Stories in education, for social cohesion and tourism”. The participants were given the task to select interesting sites in their surroundings and why these sites are important today. Key questions of democracy, religion, living together, gender and even traffic were mentioned for the chosen sites.

 A short Time Travel to 1460 and the wars between the Hungarian and Ottoman Empires were made at the Belgrade Fortress. The discussions focused on Fight or Negotiate; Trust or Distrust; Can Christians and Muslims live together? In the Time Travel almost nobody wanted to make the fortress stronger and train more soldiers but in reality the wars continued and the Ottomans conquered Belgrade in 1521 and made it a part of their empire for more than 300 years. What had happened if they had chosen to negotiate in 1460 and made a peace treaty, like the Venetians, instead of fighting?