Bridging Ages Nigeria

Bridging Ages in Nigeria has just come on board the Bridging Ages Organization. It happened after the Bridging Ages International Conference in northern Kenya 2014.

How It All Come About

I was browsing the internet and saw the advert and details for the Bridging Ages conference in Ngurunit. I immediately wrote to Mr. Ebbe Westergren whether the conference was relevant to me as a Librarian by profession and he replied that it was. Then I talked to one of my colleagues and he picked interest, so I paid for the conference fee and accommodation and an invitation letter was sent to us.

The Ngurunit Conference

The Ngurunit conference was my first time to attend a Bridging Ages Conference and I learnt a lot. The conference was well organized right from day one, when we had a warm welcome by the Branch members. I felt a spirit of gentleness from everybody. The organizational skills and strategies, teamwork and commitment, to ensure success of an international conference in a remote setting, were wonderful. I also experienced how a community can come together to make their environment a better place to stay. I am glad I was able to attend the Ngurunit conference. It gave me inspiration to form a Bridging Ages organization in Nigeria.

The start of Bridging Ages Nigeria

When we came back from the conference, we presented a report to our Polytechnic Institute and based on that, our Rector advised us to form Bridging Ages in Nigeria with nuclear base in Nasarawa Polytechnic Institute.

We put up a notice inviting people for a take-off meeting. We briefed the audience of what Bridging Ages is all about, how we came to know about Bridging Ages and the conference in Kenya.

Many people were interested to join. So we decided to form Bridging Ages Nigeria with base at Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Future plans

We plan to spread Bridging Ages to the immediate Nasarawa Community, that is the local government level, then to the States level and gradually to the National level. We also want to have a closer cooperation with the National Commission for Monument and Museum in Nigeria. We need to develop fund raising strategies and create good international relations with Bridging Ages International.

Adamu B. Mshelia
Acting Coordinator
Bridging Ages Nigeria
Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa
Nasarawa State