Tukums, Latvia

Program scene reenactments were the same as those portrayed by almost 1000 students during the last few years. Most of the participants played their parts with enthusiastic appreciation of the time and events and were happily surprised that they were not just able to display their knowledge of the theme by talking about it but rather living it. 

Conclusions reached by History teachers:

  1. Before something is offered to our students, it is valuable that we experience it ourselves;
  2.  The program is of interest to students as well as teachers;
  3. A fruitful program presentation requires prior preparation;
  4. Programmatic approach guidelines are in keeping with educational program aims.

Conclusions reached by Museum staffs:

  1. It is important to know what, within restrictions placed on museums, teachers as well as students may expect from the offer;
  2. Program developers have to know the essence of the subject taught and textbooks employed;
  3. In creating programs consideration should be given not just to knowledge displayed by educators about a subject but also being aware of the age of participants and idiosyncrasies of such group;
  4. Effectiveness of the presentation is increased if participants have prepared themselves in a timely manner so as to preclude answers to questions such as: "Who am I, what should I do...?" 

Shortly after the 1905 program conclusion with teachers of history, Durbe manor house was visited by a former participant's group of teachers from Jaunpils School consisting of twenty-four individuals. At this time program participants were teachers teaching a variety of subjects, having a pronounced interest associated with interactive teaching methods in conjunction with one's own subject. 

Discussions with them subsequent to the program revealed that although there was an initially reluctant attitude, such stance was quickly overcome with personal and collective participation. If a participant, each with his or her own contribution, has to achieve a common script objective, it serves to unite people with divergent opinions and thoughts. Time Travel may not just be an educational tool but also a successful cooperative venture. 

Ilze Paparinska, Tukums museum