Time travels re-done at the kisumu railways station 45 years later

Saturday March 18, 2017 , marked a new era as Bridging Ages Western Kenya and the National Museums of Kenya role played the opening of the new train station in 1972. Participants were drawn from Maseno University, teachers from the locality, Kisumu museum staff and the shaurimoyo primary both teachers and pupils.

The event kicked off at 9.30am with John as the station master. There were five groups of participants. Group one was headed by Linda of the National Museums and was carrying out decoration of the railway station. Group two was headed by john who assisted the group members come up with a train time table from Nairobi to Kisumu. Group three was headed by Benedette who led her group in making various cuboids in order to explore on volume and capacity of various cuboids made/carried out the vending of sweets to travelers and the whole entourage. Group four was headed by Rosemary who led her group in ensuring that the train station is cleaned according to various measurements. Group five was headed by Christine who led her group in weighing of cargo and passengers. They also entertained the groups with songs and dances as we waited for the guest of honour. The mayor was Harold as the Minister who opened the new train station was Dan. Paul was the coordinator of all the programmes that were taking place during the time travels event. There was a recap spearheaded by Mildred.

The meeting of the teachers went on well after the time travels activity. Members agreed to meet again on the 31st march 2017 to deliberate on the registration of the bridging ages western Kenya.

Paul Odondo, Jon Ouma and the entire group from Bridging Ages Western Kenya