”Education and Community Building”

Ngurunit, a unique place

Ngurunit is an exceptional place in the western part of Marsabit county, northern Kenya. It is surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscape scenery. The Samburu and Rendille live a traditional life at their manyattas (family homesteads) and in their daily activities. They bring their cattle, camels and goats to water holes and grazing land. The women build the huts, the children fetch water and firewood, the blacksmith makes knives and spearheads for the village and in the night you will hear the morans (warriors), singing and dancing. The conference will for sure be a unique experience, one of its kind.

In the conference Time Travel, you will follow life in the manyatta and do the work of the women and men, and be prepared to take decisions for the future.

Conference rehearsal, June 2013

In June 2013, there was a three day workshop/event as a rehearsal for the conference. The program included a workshop in the project “Mathematics in the Historic Environment”. Also a Time Travel at a manyatta including cooking, milking, weaving, bow and arrow, fencing, smoking the guards, ceremonies and a lot of stories. Finally a full day cultural event with dancing, singing, competitions, performances and engaging events. The whole community was involved as well as teachers, students, BANK members, representatives from universities and museums in Kenya and Sweden. 120 persons took part in the Time Travel and almost one thousand people in the cultural event, a huge success.

Bridging Ages Conference

26th-28th August 2014, Ngurunit, Kenya

The conference will be for three full days, 26th-28th August, arriving the day before and leaving one or two days after the conference, depending on your interest. We’ll help you with transport Nairobi-Ngurunit and back to Nairobi.

There will be participatory workshops on Community Building through Education and Heritage, presentations on ongoing and new projects. One day will be for a Time Travel in a manyatta and a big cultural event with the whole community and surrounding communities involved. Look out for the call for papers in December.

Many organizations are engaged in the preparing for the conference: Bridging Ages Northern Kenya, Marsabit County Government, Kenyatta University, National Museum of Kenya and others.

Bridging Ages Ngurunit conference 2014 will be a unique experience. Welcome!

Steven Labarakwe Bridging Ages Northern Kenya, BANK