Time Travel to 1682 at Palazzo di Venezia

 Venetian embassy, Istanbul

The association Bridging Ages-Venice and the Italian High School IMI of Istanbul, in collaboration with professors of Ca’Foscari University, representatives of other Venetian Institutions and independent scholars, organized a Time Travel with 40 participants in Istanbul October 23rd, 2013 at Palazzo di Venezia, the seat of the Italian General Consulate.

This Time Travel focused on the history of the first school for interpreters of Oriental languages, created by the Venetian Republic in 1551 in Constantinople and restored by the ambassador Giambattista Donà about a century later. The theme of Giambattista Donà’s embassy and his school for giovani di lingua has been chosen to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Italian school in Istanbul and the increasing teaching of Turkish culture. The Turkish students, in their roles as Venetian students, discovered the Ottoman culture and the world of the Venetian diplomacy in Istanbul.

A reflection after the Time Travel: Both Venice and Istanbul have been for a very long time exposed to other cultures thanks to their tradition of overseas trade and to the presence of people from many countries. Their mutual influences have enriched both cities.

Since 2007, a great interest for Time Travel activities has developed  in Venice and events related to the history of the Venetian diplomacy and its relationships with the Ottoman world, has been organized. The main institutions of the city collaborated with us: for instance the Venetian State Archives, the Arsenal, the Marciana Library, the Venetian Civic Museums Foundation and the University Ca’Foscari. The General Consulate of Turkey in Venice has always given us its generous support.

Cécile Franchetti, Bridging Ages Venice